Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Blessing of Running Water

On Monday as I placed pictures of the Baez girls on a scrapbook page titled "Carrying Water" I was reminded of the blessing of running water. I took advantage of the Columbus Day holiday to work on pages of the scrapbook about my summer trip to the Dominican Republic to help build a house.

Without any prompting that I could see, the girls in the family picked up buckets and walked the two blocks to the cistern to get water needed to mix concrete for the house our mission group was helping to construct.

The cistern had a metal cover flush with the ground and required bending down, filling a 5 gallon pail, hauling it up, pouring it into buckets for carrying, and walking back to the house to empty it into a 55 gallon drum. The yougest girls had 1 gallon buckets, but the oldest sister at one point carried not only her 3 year old sister on her hip, but a 5 gallon pail of water with the other hand. I struggled, water sloshing, to get my partially filled bucket back to the house. I won’t complain when I pay my city water and swer bill every quarter. It’s a blessing!

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